23rd Scientific Conference — March 29 - April 1, 2017

Doubletree Hotel, Philadelphia Center City, PA

Additional Information

The Society will host an exciting International Conference bridging the fields of Immunology, Pharmacology, and the Neurosciences, with a special emphasis on how drugs of abuse and infectious diseases interact with the neuroimmune axis.


Local Organizing / Scientific Committee

  • Olimpia Meucci, Drexel University - Chair
  • Peter Gaskill, Drexel University - Associate Chair
  • Elisabeth Van Bockstaele, Drexel University
  • Brian Wigdahl, Drexel University
  • Toby Eisenstein, Temple University
  • Kamel Khalili, Temple University
  • Jay Rappaport, Temple University
  • Ellen Unterwald, Temple University
  • Julie Blendy, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ron Collman, University of Pennsylvania
  • Kelly Jordan-Scuitto, University of Pennsylvania
  • Chris Pierce, University of Pennsylvania
  • Angelo Lepore, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Sue Menko, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Piera Pasinelli, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Joan W. Berman, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Norm Haughey, Johns Hopkins University
  • David Sulzer, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Barry Waterhouse, Rowan University