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We have recently consolidated the membership and registration process into one, in which the successful registration by anyone automatically offers them an annual membership (valid from January to December of the given year). Various registration categories are designed to provide specific membership to individuals under Regular, Associate, Trainee and Affiliate membership categories. However, the registration under Patron category requires pre-existing Patron Membership.

Individuals that are invited as speakers, travel award winners, or with emeritus status, who enjoy the registration fees waiver, are not given automatic membership status. However, these individuals are encouraged to become our members by submitting an application by clicking on “Apply Now” button below.

Similarly, some individuals who may like to become member, or renew their membership, but are unable to attend the Conference, can submit membership application by clicking on “Apply Now” button Below. This will take you through sections 1, 2, and 3 on the next application pages. Once all information is entered, click the “Proceed” button for a separate page to verify your information and enter your payment information. Once verified, click the “Submit” button to process your application. Duration of such membership will be from January to December of the given year.

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