19th Scientific Conference — April 3-6, 2013

Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Conference Schedule

Best Poster Awards

ECIT Award


  • The 2013 meeting was partially sponsored by the R13 DA023184 conference award to Sulie L. Chang, Institute of NeuroImmune Pharmacology at Seton Hall University
  • National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholisms - $15,000 (To support Symposium #1; Neuroimmune Activation Contributes to Addiction Neurobiology, and Travel Scholarship to support young investigators involved in alcohol research).
  • National Institute of Mental Health - $7000 (Partial sponsorship of SYMPOSIUM #6: Neuropathology of HIV-1 in an Aging Population)
  • Department of Surgery-Basic and Translation Division, University of Minnesota Medical School - $6000 (Partial sponsorship of Reception)
  • Institute of Neuroimmune Pharmacology and Center for Personalized NanoMedicine, HW College of Medicine, FIU - $5000 (Graduate trainee associated expenses)
  • Dr. Brian Wigdahl - $5,000 (Early Career Investigator Lunch)
  • Drs. Howard Fox / Shilpa Buch - $5,000 (Bill Narayan Memorial Lecture)
  • Dr. Pravin Singhal - $3,000 (Early Career Investigator Travel Award)
  • Drs. Tom Molitor / Sabita Roy - $2,500 (Grants Writing Workshop Lunch)
  • Dr. Jose Lasalde, Vice President for Research & Technology, University of Puerto Rico - $2,000 (Program Book Printing)
  • Dr. Richard Noel - $1,000 (Early Career Investigator Lunch)
  • Dr. Kenira Thompson, Dean for Research, Ponce School of Medicine - $1,000 (Partial sponsorship of Early Career Investigator Lunch)

Plenary Lectures

Bert t’Hart, Ph.D.
Biomedical Primate Research Center
The Hague, The Netherlands
Benjamin Chen, MD, Ph.D.
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, NY, USA
Tariq Rana, Ph.D.
Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute
La Jolla, CA, USA
Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, Ph.D.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, USA
Jon M. Lindstorm, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Major Symposia

  • Neuroimmune Activation Contributes to Addiction Neurobiology
  • Animal Models of HIV infection and Drug Abuse
  • Neuropathology of HIV-1 in an Aging Population
  • Recent Advances in Nicotine Research
  • Cannabinoids, HIV Pathogenicity, and other Infectious Disease Processes
  • Emerging trends in Substance Abuse, HIV Infection and Neuropathogenesis
  • Early Career Investigator Symposium
  • Grant Writing Workshop for Early Career Investigators


  • Hotel rates from $169/night with free internet access
  • Special hotel rates for first 50 students at $139/night
  • Support provided for Early Career Investigators
  • Special Welcome Reception & “Meet the Mentors” lunch
  • Separate Early Career Investigator’s Poster Session

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